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photo of attorney Whitney Lauren Hicks, paralegal Norina Sanchez and attorney Angie Roberts-Huckaby

Calculated. Persistent. Warriors.

Where most firms prepare for your battle, Huckaby Hicks PLLC strategically prepares for the entire war. After working together for years at the district attorney’s office and serving as lead counsel on severe child abuse, neglect and death cases, our founding attorneys, Angie Roberts-Huckaby and Whitney Lauren Hicks, have developed a civil litigation style that is deliberate and persistent with a warrior like mentality.

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Fighting For Clients Throughout Central Texas
Huckaby Hicks
Attorneys Angie Roberts-Huckaby and Whitney Lauren Hicks

Trusted Legal Advocacy For Family Law, Estate Planning, And Business Issues

Huckaby Hicks PLLC provides legal guidance to obtain justice and protect your rights, your future and your interests. As prior prosecutors, attorneys Angie Roberts-Huckaby and Whitney Hicks are committed to moving your case forward and seeking justice for you in a swift and efficient manner. We have proven civil law experience evaluating cases and strategically presenting evidence to meet the burden of proof whether you are contending with divorce, child conservatorships, support, property division, or business concerns. We provide legal services to approach your unique legal situation with attention to details that matter.

Our Signature Is A Customized Approach And Decisive Action

Meet Our Partners

Attorney Angie Roberts-Huckaby

Angie Roberts-Huckaby

Attorney Whitney Lauren Hicks

Whitney Lauren Hicks

Client Testimonials

“From the first meeting I had with Whitney, I was comfortable and knew that I would be well taken care of throughout my case. There were several times she would contact me in the evenings and on weekends; I was kept informed every step of the way. What should have been a cut-and-dry case was far from, but Whitney and her team were well-prepared for any and every thing that was thrown their way. I would highly recommend Whitney if you want an attorney who will work with you and be sensitive about your feelings yet firm in getting you to do the right thing.” – Anonymous
“By all means do not judge a book by its cover. Attorney Whitney Borgman is tiny and petite, but she came to the court room with explosive energy. Ms. Borgman commanded and supported me through a very difficult time. Stop wasting money and time and give her a call. I know she’ll complete a successful task.” – Angela
“Ms. Borgman guided me though my recent divorce and settlement, her communications are prompt and clear. The opposing counsel constantly threw up obstacles and stalling tactics which Ms. Borgman handled professionally. Her advice showed her knowledge of my case and of the legal system. I would recommend Ms. Borgman and her team for any legal matter with confidence of a fair outcome for her clients. My case was settled to my satisfaction.”  — Michael
“I couldn’t imagine my good fortune in locating Ms. Borgman. I was immediately taken by her caring approach to me as a person. She listened to me and had a calm yet direct way of settling my concerns about the legal process. She carefully explained to me what I did not understand. She provided parameters of time and detail that I needed to complete the tasks that were my responsibility. With her help, it was fairly easy for me to separate the emotional aspect of the case from what the law required of me. Ms. Borgman was professional without being condescending and really gave me a whole new respect for the profession. She is competent and reality-based, and clearly knows how to convey to her client that she serves the client’s best interests. I wish her all the best in her career.” – Anonymous
“I hired Whitney to represent me in a very complicated divorce proceeding. My breath was taken away when Whitney presented her opening statement to the court. She must have impressed the whole court room in the way she presented my case. Strangers in the court room were hugging me after listening to the way she presented the facts. It felt like I was in a movie and had an attorney from “The Firm” at my hearing. Whitney was totally prepared for trial; she did not miss anything. Whitney was able to do the impossible at this trial. Whitney would submit evidence that surprised the opposing counsel. She never took no for an answer and she had one message only – justice was going to be served! Usually at the end of a trial, the two attorneys shake hands but not this day. Opposing counsel stormed out of the courtroom knowing well that Whitney put both her and her client to shame. Thank you, Whitney Borgman, for above excellent representation and most of all showing the world that good people still win!” – Ursula 

Saving You Time And Money

At Huckaby Hicks PLLC, we handle each case like a prosecutor – prioritizing the fastest possible resolution to your case to save you time and money. With more than 15 years of combined civil prosecutor experience, our team has extensive – and successful – experience in the courtroom in a variety of contested hearings, bench trials and jury trials. Our lawyers do not back down from contested cases. While we do not guarantee the outcome of your case, no attorney can, our attorneys will create blueprints for a formidable command of complex litigation in and out of the courtroom.
Attorneys Whitney Lauren Hicks and Angie Roberts-Huckaby

Learn About The Impact Of Covid-19 On The Legal Community

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Huckaby Hicks PLLC is dedicated to accommodating the needs of all clients and our team members during the COVID-19 in person and virtually. We are primarily working remotely to address the current public health crisis; however, we meet in person upon request.

Huckaby Hicks PLLC has a fully functional remote work system that has proven to expedite work product, increase productivity and client communication. The Huckaby Hicks PLLC team has been working remotely together since March of 2020 to seek justice for clients.

Continue to call and email our office as usual. Our professional team is productive and prepared to tackle your legal issues.

Huckaby Hicks

Retain our passionate and dedicated tribe of warriors to guide you through each step of your legal journey and beyond.