Legal Guidance For Small Businesses

Operating your own business is rarely a simple process. Managing the day-to-day tasks while also tending to your long-term goals can be a lot to juggle, which may make preventing and avoiding legal issues too much to bear. If this situation is familiar to you, there is help you can turn to.

At Huckaby Hicks PLLC, our Texas attorneys provide our clients with the business law guidance they need to protect themselves and their companies. We have built a long-standing reputation as decisive litigators who are ready to fight for our clients, and you can turn our extensive experience into your business’s advantage.

How We Help Businesses Grow

Our Buda office offers legal services to businesses in any stage of development. We can help you identify which type of entity to operate your business as, and we also offer help to all types of businesses, including:

  • LLCs
  • S-corps
  • Startups
  • General partnerships
  • Limited partnerships

Our lawyers can also help you navigate through transitioning between different types of businesses or anything else that your company may need.

We know that sometimes a divorce in the family can impact their business, and our combined knowledge of family law and business law can help you with your small business divorce, or business dissolution. We take the time to ensure that you are getting an accurate valuation and division of your business if it comes to that.

Let Us Protect Your Business

Whether you are looking for a lawyer to defend you through business law litigation or provide you with advice to avoid litigation entirely, we can help. Contact us for your initial consultation by calling us at 737-309-2231 or email us here. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner you can receive the business law guidance you need, so call today.