Adoption: The Greatest Joy On Earth

Family is where the heart is. It is said that there is no greater day in court than adoption day. When you take the steps necessary to make your family whole, you change so many lives. We are here to help. Call to schedule a consultation with the team at Huckaby Hicks PLLC in Buda. We are here to answer your questions, help you move forward and make your family whole!

The Compassionate Assistance You Need For An Adoption

There is hardly any other feeling that compares to the joy that adopting a baby or child to your family brings. Lives are changed forever. However, there are many steps, many documents and forms and a lot of legalese. In many cases this is a long and demanding process.

Adoptions can occur both within the family such as by a stepparent, grandparent or another family member or through a private adoption agency or child protective services (CPS). When we take on adoption cases we work to ensure that all required pre-adoption criteria are met and provide you with personal step-by-step assistance. Our goal is to ensure the court approves your request to adopt. In some cases it will be necessary to pursue formal termination of parental rights.

Termination Of Parental Rights

Representing parents, grandparents or foster parents in termination actions can encompass a range of contested issues. These issues may include determination of legal standing, a professional home study and/or professional evaluation of the parents and child.

Private termination actions generally require the party requesting termination to prove that the other parent has engaged in misconduct. For a termination to happen, it must be shown that the other parent:

  • Endangered the well-being of the child
  • Abandoned the child
  • Refused to provide any type of support for the child for over a year

Terminations can often be accompanied by a petition for adoption to a stepparent. This requires additional legal work. You may need to also pursue or finalize a divorce when seeking a parental rights termination. We can assist with this as well.

We have extensive experience with family law issues including terminations and adoptions. We are wholly familiar with the procedures and timelines associated with termination actions. We are prepared to assist your family in extricating an inappropriate parent from the family framework. We want to help you move forward to protect and provide for your child.

When It’s Time To Make Your Family Whole

Our first priority is the well-being of your child. We want to help you move confidently forward to make your family strong and whole. Do you have a question or want to set up a consultation with our team? Call 737-309-2231. We help family law clients in adoption procedures in Buda and throughout Central Texas. You can schedule a meeting or introduce yourself to us via our online contact form.