Skilled Representation For A Smoother Divorce Process

Divorce is a common outcome but each process is different. It is not unusual to be apprehensive. Divorce, especially when there is a house and children involved, is a major life change. At Huckaby Hicks PLLC, in Buda, we will advocate for you. We will champion your goals. In short we are the warriors who will go to battle to ensure that your best interests are protected. Call 737-309-2231 to arrange a consultation.

When Your Case Is A Complex Divorce With No Kids

While children can create a unique set of legal issues regarding conservatorship and support issues, even divorces with no children can be considered complex. Complex divorces typically involve the division of more than one property or elevated value items. You may have a divorce that is considered complex if you need to divide:

  • A business
  • Property that requires a valuation
  • The “tracing” of separate property
  • Spousal support and misconduct by one party
  • A spouse who is hiding assets
  • A spouse who is refusing to comply with court orders

As a team with over 15 years of experience in Texas family law and divorce, we have experience handling difficult opposing counsels. We are abundantly prepared to negotiate with pro se litigants to ensure that your property and legal rights are protected. Above all, we will be here for you during each stage of a complex divorce.

When You Are Facing A Complex Divorce With Kids

Divorce can have a profound effect on children. We will prioritize the well-being of your children throughout the divorce process. Our process is first to identify your family’s needs and then to create a proposed parenting plan with your spouse.

This plan will:

  • Spell out the rights and duties of each parent
  • Clarify where the child will live
  • Craft a visitation schedule for each parent that is reasonable and doable

We will also review each case to determine a fair and appropriate child support amount based on the ages, needs and activities of your children. In everything we do we look to ensure that your children face the least amount of disruption in their daily lives during and after the divorce process.

When An Uncontested Divorce Is An Option

“Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

When two spouses agree that they want to separate physically and financially, the divorce process can be cooperative, amicable and quick. An uncontested divorce generally requires an agreement as to proposed property or custody issues. Working with an attorney can ensure that all required documents are submitted on time and to the correct offices. An experienced attorney can explain each step to effect a smoother process and transfer of property. We are here to help you if you are seeking an uncontested divorce and want to avoid unnecessary conflict. Most people who seek an uncontested divorce are focused on moving forward in the healing process.

Parent Alienation During Or After A Divorce

The unfortunate reality of divorce or separation of two people who share a child is that children can be caught in the crossfire. A parent who tries to disparage the other or physically and emotionally distance a child from them engages in “parental alienation.” We know that this behavior is damaging to the child’s long-term well-being. Do not let your children be subject to destructive manipulation tactics. Instead, as soon as possible, set up a consultation with us to fully understand the options available to reestablish a relationship with your child. This will protect both you and your child.

Who Gets Fido? Pet Custody After A Divorce.

Pets are like family members. Many times a beloved dog or cat is a source of unwavering support and affection. The legal concepts of child custody, conservatorship and visitation do not apply to pets. However, pets can be classified as separate or community property. The classification will depend on how and when the pet entered your home.

While the court cannot order periods of visitation or exchange provisions, the court will likely honor an agreement between you and your spouse regarding the terms of a pet custody agreement. If you are having a dispute over where your pet will go following your divorce, speak with us. As attorneys who have established experience with many family law issues, we are prepared to answer your questions. We will help evaluate your case and provide you with legal guidance.

Get Dedicated Legal Counsel On Your Divorce Issue

As family law attorneys, our first priority is child welfare and advocacy. We know that nothing is more important than the well-being of your family. We also know that this process is emotional. We work to offer the support and guidance you need to be confident in the decisions you make. Have a question or want to set up a consultation? Reach our team at 737-309-2231. We help family law clients in Buda and throughout Central Texas including Travis, Williamson, Hays, Caldwell, Comal, Burnet, Llano and Bastrop counties. You can also ask a question or reach us via our online contact form.