Meet Our Paralegal, Norina Sanchez

Norina Sanchez

Norina brings almost thirty years of experience in the legal field to the team after beginning her career at the Austin Police Department in 1991. After working with law enforcement officers for five years, Norina began working at the Travis County District Attorney’s Office in the public integrity unit. After spending several years in the DA’s Office and working with Juvenile Probation, Norina began working at the Travis County Domestic Relations Office in the child support and enforcement unit.

In 2019, Norina began working at the Hays County District Attorney’s Office where she worked closely with Angie and Whitney drafting pleadings and orders, scheduling court hearings, and preparing and responding to discovery.

In her free time, Norina is a wife, mother, and grandmother to her two grandchildren. Norina enjoys traveling, cooking, and volunteering at her church. Norina’s compassion for others and diligent work ethic are truly prized by both the attorneys and clients of Huckaby Hicks PLLC.