Am I alone in thinking my job is hurting my marriage?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Divorce

As we progress in life, spouses often do grow apart, come back together and grow apart again. It is a natural part of a marriage. However, for married workaholics, you may have noticed that the coming back together phase is much harder, especially if both spouses are workaholics. You are not alone, and according to multiple sources, your job can hurt your Buda, Texas, marriage.

The numbers show it

The United States Census collects data on divorces, age, careers, etc. From these data, multiple websites, including Zippia and, have shown there are careers that have much higher divorce rates than others.

Military service members

Those in the military have some of the highest divorce rates with First-Line Enlisted Military Supervisors topping the list at a 30% divorce rate by age 30. This was nearly double than any other high-divorce-rate professions.

Other high-divorce-rate professions

Other than military personnel, the other profession that topped the list were mostly blue-collar workers. This profession includes mechanics, technicians, service workers, carpenters, etc.

Surprising jobs not on the list

While those in the legal field may get a bad rap, lawyers, judges and other legal workers had a very low divorce rate, as did those in the medical field, like doctors, life and physical scientists, therapists, pharmacists, etc. Other surprising careers with low divorce rates are software developers, clergy and financial and investment analysts.

The takeaway

For our Buda, Texas, readers, perhaps the biggest takeaway from these data is that how you spend your time away from your spouse can affect your relationship with your spouse. Specifically, if you spend significant time away from home, problems can occur, and if you are constantly having financial issues, these can be a one-two punch for your marriage.