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When you want to grow or consolidate your business, mergers and acquisitions are a great tool to use. However, the process can often be complicated and open all parties to potential liabilities. When making such a big decision for your future, you should work with an experienced business acquisitions lawyer.

From our office in Buda, our experienced mergers and acquisitions lawyers at Huckaby Hicks PLLC assist companies in successfully completing these transactions. Our attorneys are skilled in business law, helping organizations throughout Texas with many facets of business law, founding and organization. Our mergers and acquisitions attorneys are experienced in trial law as well as transactional law, giving us a unique insight into negotiation strategy and dispute resolution.

Mergers And Acquisitions Explained

Although the terms are sometimes used together or interchangeably, there is a distinct difference between a merger and an acquisition. A merger involves multiple companies, often two or more, combining into a single entity. An acquisition involves another company purchasing another’s ownership stakes, or a majority stake, while they both remain separate entities. An acquisition can include the purchase of a company’s stocks and assets. It also allows the purchasing company to make decisions without shareholder approval.

At Huckaby Hicks PLLC, our business acquisitions attorneys can help you with every step of the process, from document preparation to negotiations. With extensive experience in many facets of business law, you can trust us to address complex issues and streamline the process.

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