Parental alienation hurts parents and children

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | Family Law

Divorces can be messy affairs and even after the ink on the divorce decree has dried parents can have continuing animosity towards one another. But if they take actions that violate their child custody order they could face consequences that hurts them in the end.

Texas law on child custody violations

In Texas it is against the law to take your child out of state  in violation of your custody order. This can be done by a custodial parent who wishes to travel with the child, move with the child or simply keep the child away from the child’s other parent.

Noncustodial parents also cannot intentionally interfere with the custodial parent’s custody rights. Noncustodial parents cannot intentionally urge their child to leave the home of the custodial parent.

Parental alienation

Why would parents want to abscond with their child? Well, ill feelings between parents can linger long after the divorce decree is signed. Some parents may not agree with the child custody and visitation schedules in their divorce decree and wish to have the child with them more often.

Other parents simply want to get back at the child’s other parent by convincing the child that they should leave the other parent’s care altogether. This is referred to as parental alienation. It can be extremely harmful for both the parent and the child.

Parental alienation or absconding with a child can cause the child long-term harm. If you disagree with your current custody order it is better to discuss the situation with the child’s other parent or discuss the situation with a family law attorney who can help you determine whether a child custody modification is appropriate.