Director of Litigation Development, Maureen Herrera

Maureen Herrera

Maureen began her legal career six years ago working as a legal assistant for a firm handling Lemon Law working closely with attorneys and clients. In 2020, Maureen accepted a position working with the Civil Division at the Hays County Criminal District Attorney’s Office where she worked closely under the founding members of Huckaby Hicks, Angie Roberts-Huckaby and Whitney Hicks handling a wide range of responsibilities. In addition to working with the attorneys she also worked closely with District and County Courts, Child Protective Services and Law Enforcement. After Angie and Whitney left the office, Maureen transitioned to the Victim Services Division and began her new role as a Victim Assistance Coordinator. Maureen worked closely with prosecutors and victims of crimes in misdemeanor, juvenile, and felony cases. Maureen is no stranger to the courtroom as she has a history of developing relationships with clients and witnesses while helping them navigate the Justice System.

Maureen accepted the position of Director of Litigation Development and will be working alongside our Huckaby Hicks team and clients.

Aside from being a mom of two boys and attending numerous soccer and baseball games, Maureen is attending Texas State University seeking an undergraduate degree in Political Science and plans to obtain a master’s degree in legal studies soon after. Maureen enjoys beautiful sunsets by the lake, playing soccer, reading, and most importantly creating memories with her two boys.